Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Debugging silverlight application using Debugger.

Today I Just working with Silverlight application I can’t able to debug Silverlight application through debugger but it is working fine with web project.I had written about debug asp.net Application using debuger before one year ago.we are easily attache bebugger using aspnet_we.exe. This debugger working perfectly with asp.net application.I thought  it should be work for silverlight application also I make digging on net  find solution for that we have to attach another process like Iexplore.Exe which type is "Silverlight, 86" see below image you get complete idea about  how to attach two process.

now you are able to debug your silverlight application using debugger. this post me be useful to you.Thanks for reading stayed turned for more.

Thank You
Kirti Darji