Sunday, September 12, 2010

How Debug Asp.Net Application when large scale project.

This article is dedicated to developer work on small size project development where project is not large. Large project or enterprise level project means project contain Five or six another Project webservices and all, generally we are run project and there we can debug our application right, but large scale projects it take more time debug application to using run mode. So here I am explain how we debug large scale projects.
Generally we generally run project and debug application but large and enterprise level project take more time to run and process for debugging application.

Step1. Open project which you want to debug.

Step-2.Open project with URL in any Browser

                      eg http://localhost/MyBlog/Artical/Default.aspx

Step-3 Open page of your project which you want to debug now attach debugger in your project using alt+D then press P


Debug Attach to Process

Following Screen You see on your Screen

Select aspnet_wp.exe Worker Process and click on attach button dialog box will disappear now our debugger is attached now put break point (using f9) on method you want to check

Process for event or method you want to debug in your project, now you application ready for debug. So that the way you can debug your application.

I thing it save your lot of time for development process. Here I am trying share my experience about we can make a work fast with debugging in your in project. my aim is whatever you find new one write some where so you can useful for some one else it a really good work so keep helping our friends

Thanks for reading. See you with new topic as soon as possible

Kirti M Darji