Sunday, July 31, 2011

Set Start Up page on Visual studio IDE

Today I want to work on one project but unfortunately I miss the location where it actually I though when I open visual studio I can find it from Visual studio IDE start page recent opened project list but unfortunately something is change so start page is not loading when I open visual studio IDE it display like


I think for while there should be a setting in visual studio IDE.I start  digging  on net for few minutes and I found there is a setting in Visual studio menu Tools—>options where we can  configure start up page with following six option  provided by Visual studio IDE

  1. Open Home Page
  2. Load last loaded solutions
  3. Show open project dialog box
  4. show new project dialog box
  5. show empty environment
  6. show start page


In above figure you can see a setting like show start up page option. I configure this option for show start up page with recent project I reopen my visual studio IDE and I can able to see visual studio IDE with start up page like


There is another option is also for see recent opened  project list like like File—>Recent Projects and Solutions

that’s done from my side.It may helpful to you.Thanks for reading happy coding!!

Thank You

Kirti Darji