Friday, July 8, 2011

page life cycle of master page with content page

Generally one question is faced by very developer what is page life cycle every body know very well like sequence of page event like

  1. page_init
  2. Page_load
  3. Page_render
  4. Page_unload

it is fine for standalone pages but if a page have master page then what the page life cycle? confuse!!!

Below is the sequence of event of page events which contain master page  with chronological order.

  1. Master page (Page_Init) event
  2. Content page (Page_Init) event
  3. Content page (Page_Load) event
  4. Master page (Page_Load) event
  5. Content page (Page_Prerender) event
  6. Master page (Page_Prerender) event
  7. Content page (Page_Prerendercomplete) event
  8. Master page (Page_Prerendercomplete) event

Remember one thing  page life cycle of page contain master page all event fire like first master page event then content page event but in case of page load event first content page load event fire then master page event fire. so that’s all from my side

I think It may help you, Happy coding, stay turned for more…

Thank You

Kirti M.Darji