Monday, August 30, 2010

How Change keyboard layout with Windows 7

Hello Guys on week end I am out of station where I am face a problem with laptop (with Windows 7 operating system) keyboard, some key are different where mention in keyboard.

“Main problem with ‘@’,’”’ Keys is not real place it will on different location”

I am thinking couple of minutes, suddenly I get roughly idea this may be the issue of regional setting.

but i am not aware how check keyboard and layout in Windows 7 because I am using first time, after some time digging on net I got following link which explain how change keyboard layout in windows 7.

When I am check on laptop Keyboards and Language, the default language is selected as United Kingdom that’s why our key board some keys are different,so finally change united states and it working fine for me.

I hope this would help you

Thank you for Reading

Kirti M Darji