Monday, December 6, 2010

New feature in silverlite 5 beta

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silverlite firestarter event announced nex release of silverlite 5, it's beta will release be available on first half of next year and  the finale release will ship in second half of 2011.
following are new features in silverlite 5.

Premium media experiences (improve media support and rich UI capabilities)
hardware decode and presentation of H264 improve performance for lower-power devices to render high-defination using  video GUI support.
Digital rights management advancements allow seamless switching between DRM media sources.
Improved power awareness prevents the screen saver from being shown while watching video and allows the computer to sleep when video is not active.
Business Application Development

Text improvements make it possible to build rich magazine-style text layouts:

  • Multicolumn text and linked text container allow text to flow around other elements.
  • Text clarity is improved with Pixel Snapping.
  • Text layout performance is significantly improved.
  • OpenType support has been enhanced.
Model View ViewModel (MVVM) and Databinding enhancements allow more work to be done more easily via XAML
  • Debugging support now allows breakpoints to be set on a binding, so you can step through binding failures.
  • Implicit DataTemplates allow templates to be created across an application to support a particular type by default.
  • Binding in style setters allows bindings to be used within styles to reference other properties.
  • The DataContextChanged event is being introduced.
  • Markup extensions allow code to be run at XAML parse time for both properties and event handlers, enabling cutting-edge MVVM support.

Silverlight 5 performance improvements include:

  • Reduced network latency by using a background thread for networking.
  • XAML parser improvements that speed up startup and runtime performance.
Graphics improvements:
  • Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) accelerated 3-D application programming interface (API) provides rich graphics on the Web for building advanced data visualizations and rich user experience (UI).
  • Immediate mode graphics API allows direct rendering to the GPU.


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